On Sunday October 22nd i will be combining my two favourite things, Dogs and Photography. I couldnt be more excited.

The session fee is $80 and include 5-10 High Resolution edited photos. Sessions will last 30 mins per booking and will be outside, in a fenced backyard located in Barrhaven. If you have any questions or are interested in reserving your spot please get in touch via Facebook


Washington & New York City

When we left home it had to be like -15 degrees, so it was quite a surprise when we arrived in Washington and we no longer needed our jackets.

The beautiful weather made exploring the city much more pleasant than i had anticipated. (wearing bulky winter jackets doesn’t bring out our most flattering side)  We were lucky enough to be staying with some of Akeem’s friends and they were all such incredible hosts. They took us to all the tourist spots and to all the best food joints. I obviously was too hungry at every stop we made because i have very few pictures of anything we consumed along the way, Oh well!

Next stop – NEW YORK CITY

As a photographer and lover of adventures New York as always been on the top of my list for places to visit. My grandpa had always told us stories of the adventures he had when living in the city (id tell you the stories, but most of them don’t seem blog appropriate)

 I was beyond excited to visit all the places he had talked about and take all the pictures i had dreamed of.

However the weather in New York was much like home. FREEZING COLD. We walked around time square for a little while and decided to take a bus tour so i could see the city and get some pictures while being toasty warm.

Great idea right? Not exactly.

The bus seemed to have very little heat and the windows appeared to be more of a plexiglass than a real glass and we covered in scratches. Despite the less than ideal weather conditions i still got some incredible pictures so it was worth the death of all my toes due to frost bite.

After exploring time square and surrounding areas we headed back to Akeem’s Great Aunts house in Queens where we staying. I really wanted to see the “real NYC” not just all the touristy spots. We spent the evening enjoying dinners and hookah lounges with some of his cousins. The next day we checked out some back roads near what i think is the Brooklyn bridge, took some pictures at the pier and headed to the Bronx to meet more of his cousins and share the news of our engagement.  We had such a wonderful trip and I cant wait to go back again when its a littler warmer to get the full New York City experience.

A.Hart.Photography is BACK

Well Hello World!!

After a year Hiatus from the photography game, i am back!  Last summer my website got a virus of some sort and took out the entire server, so here i am starting from scratch.

(id like to add that it took years to get my website to look exactly how i wanted it) So wish me luck as i try and get it back to where it belongs. Its going to be a long process.

I often wonder which direction my website should go, should it be strictly professional and all business? or do i show the personal side and share the every day parts of my oh so fabulous life.  I have yet to decided for sure, but for now i am going to shine some light on what i have been up to this last year.

since we have a lot of catching up to do, ill get started

January 2016

This year started off on a really good note. I was able to take a week off of work shortly after returning from the Christmas holidays. I told my boyfriend at the time that i wanted to go away somewhere. So we quickly planned a little trip to New York. I was so excited to explore the big city and of course meet some of his family and friends. The night before we were planning on leaving we decided that we would take a little detour to Washington, DC. Little did i know, this this trip was going to change my life forever.

In the best way of course

We spent the first night with a few of his friends checking out the area, eating insane amounts of food and hitting up the club. The next morning i was feeling a little hungover and incredibly exhausted from the drive and our night out. While i lay on the floor wining about how tired i was Akeem insisted that i get up and make sure that i wore something pretty

(Excuse me sir, I always dress pretty. DUH)

January 10th 2016

That day we headed to the city to check out the White House and other monuments in the area with His friend Momo & his girlfriend Christina of Movode Photography

It was a nice change to actually have some pictures of myself enjoying my trip instead of always being behind the camera.  We made our way to the Jefferson Memorial and when we got to the top Momo and Christina insisted that we get some cute couple pictures. While we were posing away looking all beautiful and stuff Akeem got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife <3

I wasnt entirely surprised, because i had a feeling something was up with him before we left. However i wasnt expecting to be right then and there.

I am so blessed to have such an incredible man by my side. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through this last year without him.

I love you babe xoxo


Prince Edward County

I am sitting here looking through the thousands of photos i have taken so that i can prepare blog posts, and i cant believe how long  its been since i shared pictures that weren’t taken with my Iphone and just shared on Instagram.

So i’m going a little further back than i had planned.

Ill start with a little bit of a back story for this one.

In September of 2013 i made the decision to go back to school to take the hospitality management program, at the time  i had no idea just how much this experience was going to change my life. Jane, Rob and I met not long after classes started and we instantly clicked. We had every single class together, and when we weren’t in classes we were hanging out at one of our houses.                Jane moved back home to Prince Edward County after classes were finished, and on one fall day in October she came home for a visit. I knew i couldn’t let her leave town without seeing her, so she picked me up to join her and old roommates for dinner.

Akeem, his brother and his best friend were at that dinner.

I am now blessed with the most incredible family, I have a wonderful fiance, a brother i had always dreamed of having, and an amazing man that my sister now calls her own. The love i have for these people is a love i can not describe.

In December of 2015 Akeem, Abdul, Rob and I made took a day trip to go and see the girl that brought us all together. This must of been the year that we didn’t get snow until boxing day. We spent the day touring  back roads stopping at vineyards and drinking all the wine. After a beautiful day Jane took us to the most amazing beach where we had a bonfire, in December!