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January 10, 2016

Well Hello World!!

After a couple year Hiatus from the photography game, I am back! A couple summers back my website got a virus of some sort and took out the entire server, so here I am starting from scratch.

(I’d like to add that it took years to get my website to look exactly how I wanted it) So wish me luck as I try and get it back to where it belongs. It’s going to be a long process.

I often wonder which direction my website should go in, should it be strictly professional and all business? Or do I show the personal side and share the everyday parts of my Oh so fabulous life.  I have yet to decide for sure, but for now I am going to shine some light on what I have been up to this last couple years.

UPDATE: March 2018

(So much has changed since I decided to share the last couple years of my absence with you, that now I am once again uncertain of which approach I am to take now. So if you have been here before, you notice some changes. I am going to do my best to share as much of me with you as possible)

Since we have a lot of catching up to do, I’ll get started

January 2016

This year started off on a really good note. I was able to take a week off of work shortly after returning from the Christmas holidays. I told my boyfriend at the time that I wanted to go away somewhere. So we quickly planned a little trip to New York. I was so excited to explore the big city and of course meet some of his family and friends. The night before we were planning on leaving we decided that we would take a little detour to Washington, DC.

When we left home around 1 am it had to be like -15 degrees, so it was quite a surprise when we arrived in Washington to an incredible temperature jump (it was 17 Degrees)  and we no longer needed our jackets. The beautiful weather made my plans of exploring the city much more exciting than i had anticipated.

(wearing bulky winter jackets doesn’t bring out our most flattering side)

We were lucky enough to be staying with some of Akeem’s friends and they were all such incredible hosts and tour guides.

 When we arrived around 10 am we “started” our day checking out the area, touring one of the most incredible mosques i have ever seen and eating all the food.  After a much needed nap we ate more food and danced out hearts out at the club.

The next morning I was feeling a little hungover and incredibly exhausted from the drive and our night out but i didn’t let that slow me down. We headed out to all the tourist spots and to all the best food joints. I obviously was too hungry at every stop we made because i have very few pictures of anything we consumed along the way, Oh well!

Our first stop was to the city to check out the White House and other monuments in the area with His friend Momo & his girlfriend Christina of Movode Photography

It was a nice change to actually have some pictures of myself enjoying my trip instead of always being behind the camera.


Next Stop: New York City!!



January 14, 2016

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