Prince Edward County

December 8, 2015

I am sitting here looking through the thousands of photos i have taken so that i can prepare blog posts, and i cant believe how long  its been since i shared pictures that weren’t taken with my Iphone and just shared on Instagram.

So i’m going a little further back than i had planned.

Ill start with a little bit of a back story for this one.

In September of 2013 i made the decision to go back to school to take the hospitality management program, at the time  i had no idea just how much this experience was going to change my life. Jane, Rob and I met not long after classes started and we instantly clicked. We had every single class together, and when we weren’t in classes we were hanging out at one of our houses.                Jane moved back home to Prince Edward County after classes were finished, and on one fall day in October she came home for a visit. I knew i couldn’t let her leave town without seeing her, so she picked me up to join her and old roommates for dinner.

Akeem, his brother and his best friend were at that dinner.

I am now blessed with the most incredible family, I have a wonderful fiance, a brother i had always dreamed of having, and an amazing man that my sister now calls her own. The love i have for these people is a love i can not describe.

In December of 2015 Akeem, Abdul, Rob and I made took a day trip to go and see the girl that brought us all together. This must of been the year that we didn’t get snow until boxing day. We spent the day touring  back roads stopping at vineyards and drinking all the wine. After a beautiful day Jane took us to the most amazing beach where we had a bonfire, in December!